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Services by Basro

Electrical engineering

The perfect lighting for your shop or in the workplace, charging stations and the right power systems so that they can handle the growing demand for electricity. From standard electrical engineering work to the most advanced projects, with Basro you can rely on years of experience and expertise. Our engineers design efficient and sustainable systems. Your installation and maintenance are in good hands with our professionals.

Your products lit in the right way, changing rooms where customers can look their best, workplaces or accommodation where employees or visitors feel comfortable. Our engineers know about the right illumination, colour tones and fittings. In care homes our services include biodynamic lighting to provide a better diurnal rhythm for the residents: a solution that focuses on both well-being and cost.On all lighting projects we use the latest generation of low maintenance energy-efficient LED bulbs with a long lifespan which can be combined with movement or presence detectors.

There are many options for making systems more sustainable. Think of the use of LED lighting, biodynamic lighting, personal fit, presence detectors, voice control, smart lighting and PV systems. On all lighting projects we already use the latest generation of low maintenance energy-efficient LED bulbs with a long lifespan. Naturally we ensure a clean workplace and the removal and separation of waste in accordance with the guidelines.

Electric cars and bikes, faster data network, gas-free buildings: the demand for power is constantly growing. We look to the future with you so that your organisation is prepared in terms of power supplies for new developments around the electrification of your fleet and those of your customers or visitors; or the installation of solar panels on your premises. And so that your systems can cope with the growing demand for power.

The Netherlands needs to stop using natural gas. This requirement also applies to businesses. We are happy to talk with you about what the switch to more electrical equipment and possible electricity generation means for your electrical systems.

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Intruder protection

Close the door behind you with confidence, knowing that your property is well protected. Basro beveiligingstechniek designs, installs and maintains state-of-the-art systems that rapidly detect unwanted visitors and notify risks. Traditional cabled or modern wireless, easy to manage yourself using a smartphone or tablet, or linked to an external emergency control room. To complete your security, we also offer certified locks and hinges.

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Fire protection

The right fire protection is vital for the safety of persons and property. Our certified fire alarm systems meet all requirements and NEN standards. Naturally we match the system to your wishes and needs, taking account of the guidelines stipulated by the authorities and your insurer. Our monthly inspections and annual maintenance ensure that your fire and evacuation system is always fully operational. So that you feel safe.

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Access control

You don't want uninvited guests in the building during office hours.   Our advanced access control system keeps these people out, or allows restricted access to the right employees. A pass or key fob enables our system to decide whether a person is authorised to have access. So that you always know who has entered your premises, where and when.

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Who is hanging around my site or building, and should they be there? Image recording enhances the security of your business. CCTV and image recording show you exactly who is where, enable you to provide a description if necessary, and allow you to identify and differentiate people or activities. Our CCTV systems equipped with thermographic cameras also enable very rapid detection of unwelcome visitors on the site in the dark.

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Data networks

Reliable, stable, sufficient bandwidth and fast - those are your and our requirements for an optimally functioning computer network. We install state-of-the-art data networks that are in line with the latest developments. And we can take care of all the work around replacing your current system for you.

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Home automatisation

Essentially home automation is about automating processes. Getting systems to work together with the aim of enhancing comfort and saving energy, whether it's in a home or a large office building. For example, there is not always an immediate need to cool a room. If a light switch in a room is not just a switch but is also able to measure the temperature, for instance. And if the temperature goes above the value that has been set centrally due to the entry of sunlight through the glass, do we need to adjust the air conditioning in this room, or the sun blinds? Home automation now means that there no longer needs to be a thermostat in this room (saves on purchase cost) and ensures energy savings. There many examples like this of how home automation can work for you and make savings.

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Service & maintenance

Basro is always ready to serve its customers. As an organisation with nationwide coverage we offer the service and speed of a local installer. Our maintenance department is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our service vehicles cover the whole of the Netherlands, and our technicians are on site rapidly to resolve a fault or carry out an inspection. They make sure that the systems are working the way they're supposed to. Systems that are serviced regularly are less prone to faults or breakdowns. With a service contract we guarantee you operational reliability.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting comes on as soon as mains power is lost, with a continuous function and/or as night-time lighting. The installation and periodic compulsory maintenance and inspection of emergency lighting creates a safe environment for everyone. It is also vital in an emergency. A maintenance contract means you do not need to worry about the annual replacement of the light source or the 4-yearly replacement of the batteries

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