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About Basro


Quality, reliability, service and craftsmanship: those are the key values that Basro BV has represented since it was founded in 1976. We are a professional, open organisation with short lines of communication and dependable scrupulousness. We keep our promises. Our customers know that, and we have built long-term relationships with many of them as a result. We feel responsible for your project.

Our clients

Our customers can be found in a variety of sectors, from industry, retail chains and the DIY sector through to multiples and car dealers, offices, schools, property developers and healthcare. They appreciate the personal contact, the quality of our work and our great service.

Our clients include:

Basro academy

Our team consists of 60 employees, many of whom have grown alongside Basro as it has become a modern electrical engineering and security company. The experience of these ‘old hands’ combined with young skilled team members results in a dynamic business that knows what it's doing. Within our own Basro Academy we both train our talents and keep our older employees' knowledge up to date. That means that they can also apply the latest developments in automation and digitisation.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is a determining factor in carrying out our work. This is based on the VCA* guidelines and the VGM regulations.

Basro can have a direct impact on the environment. Our guiding principle is to create a system which is as sustainable as possible, taking account of the customer's wishes.

Terms & conditions

Basro BV applies general terms & conditions for delivery, work and services. The Algemene leveringsvoorwaarden Installerende Bedrijven 2024 (General Terms of Delivery for Installing Companies - ALIB 2024) apply. If the client is a consumer, the Algemene leveringsvoorwaarden Installatiewerk voor Consumenten (General Terms of Delivery for Installation Work for Consumers - AVIC) apply.

General Terms of Delivery of Installation Companies (ALIB 2007)

General Terms of Delivery of Installation Companies (ALIB 2024)

General Terms for Installation work for Consumers

General Terms of Consumer work Signaling system


Basro Elektrotechniek is a nationally certified KOMO installer in accordance with BRL6000. Basro Beveiligingstechniek is a BORG-certified security company in accordance with the requirements of the C.C.V. in Utrecht. Both companies are also VCA-certified. Techniek Nederland is the umbrella sector organisation.

Basro is a certified teaching company for training MBO (intermediate vocational education) students.

VCA* 2019

BRL Certificate 2019

Deposit process certificate security company

Certificate installation fire security