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About this project
Making office buildings sustainable

Client: Making office buildings sustainable

Location: Hoofddorp
Work activities: Total electric installation

A serious job with an end goal we can only be very proud of: making two office buildings in Hoofddorp more sustainable. One of our regular clients asked us to help them achieve their sustainability targets. Here, fortunately, we have plenty of experience!

First of all, we fitted all office premises with LED lighting with daylight control. Using a KNX DALI Gateway as interface, we ensured that the lights operate automatically according to the needs of the office workers. Thus, maximum comfort is combined with maximum energy savings!

Another sustainable aspect of this project: all materials are supplied by our wholesaler Technische Unie. This wholesaler supplies everything entirely electrically! In addition, all old fittings are sustainably processed through our collaboration with Stichting Open. In short: everything is as sustainable as possible! We like that at Basro.