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About this project

Client: Aroundtown

Location: Zwolle
Work activities: Total electric installation

Aroundtown asked us to install a new charging plaza at The Mayor, an office building in Zwolle. This charging plaza had to ensure that everyone with an electric car could easily recharge, without the risk of overloading the system. 

To meet these requirements, we used Eleqtron's Qcharge technology combined with Zaptec charging stations. This allowed us to divide all parking spaces into different power groups, allowing the available power to be distributed among the cars present. A load management system with a very smart and innovative technology, which we were able to work well with!

This resulted in 40 charging stations fed by a 125A group. So there is an ample supply for electric cars, in a system that can withstand any problems. A great step towards a greener future! 

We wish the tenants of office building The Mayor many safe electric kilometres!